light designer

Blue hour (PQ 2019)

Curators Markéta Fantová & Jan Rolník
Leading artist Romain Tardy
Light work group leaders Pavla Beranová & Fereshteh Rostampour
Light work group participants Ana Quintas, Tereza Bartůňková, Kelly Rudolph, Paula Castillo Tocornal, Zuzana Bottová, MeJah Balams, Jack Stoffel and also Sarah Feyen, Dorian Stevens, Lara Van Bellingen, Sinan Poffin, Guust Sambaer, Casper Van Overschee, Thomas Maes, Yen-Min Tseng
Sound work group leader Robert Kaplowitz
Experimental sound work group John Richards
Video work group leader Romain Tardy
Tactile environment work group leader Tereza Stehlíková
Virtual reality work group leaders Paul Cegys & Joris Weijdom
System integration work group leader Shannon Harvey

An experimental, interactive environment created at the Prague Quadriennal 2019.

« Blue Hour is a show with no stage, where the visitors are also the actors: by exploring this environment, they contribute to one of those many cycles: the beauty of an ephemeral passage through light beams, changing the space just for a few seconds, following a path which couldn’t be predicted.”
Romain Tardy.

Project structure

The Blue Hour team brought various areas of design into a dialogue through a tight collaboration. The creative team consisted of 6 working groups covering areas of Lighting Design, Video and Projection Design, Sound Design, Tactile Environment, Creative Coding, Virtual and Augmented Reality. Each creative working group was led by an experienced designer and participants were selected through an open call.

This project was an opportunity for students, young designers and experienced professionals to participate in artistic process involving work with high end equipment where the new knowledge wasn’t facilitated through a top down teaching or master class methodology, but where learning happened through collaboration, problem solving and daily exchange of ideas while sharing a common artistic vision.


"It is like being in a city-scape from Blade Runner, a space built from light and mirrors and impossibilities." Francesca Peschier, Exceunt Magazine