light designer


Concept and choreography Joeri Dubbe
Performed by Carolina Mancuso, Sarah Murphy, Joeri Dubbe
Music Antonin Comestaz and Joeri Dubbe
Light design Pavla Beranova
Costumes Carlijn Petermeijer
Set and decor Arno Ferrera, Joeri Dubbe, Pavla Beranova
Dramaturgy Arno Ferrera
Production Korzo theater and NDT
Premiere Korzo theater 8/10/2015

How do we recover what we lose in becoming adults? Is there still a place in our modern day pace of living to embrace that purity within us?

« Fairytale, dreamy, humorous and oppressive. »



"It is a beautiful trip in an unpredictable and schizophrenic setting where nothing is what it seems (...)" ZUBB - online zubbculture magazine
"With the perfect light which plays a beautiful game with walls you can let your imagination run free" DenHaagDirect