light designer

Landscape of Levitation

Concept Teres Bartůňková & Pavla Beranová
Artistic and technical collaboration Ondřej Eremiáš
Artistic collaboration and sound landscape Jan Burian
Thanks to Zenita Helgo, Michal Řáda, Jonáš Tichý

To hide, to fly away, to be lighter than air, to float, to soar. The installation Landscape of Levitation brings a piece of a world on the border between dream and reality, inhabited by beings that defy gravity.

The artist duo Tereza Bartůňková and Pavla Beranová work with intangible elements such as light, air and helium. The materials they choose are light and changeable – foils and fabrics with varying degrees of transparency. Water, fog and wind also play an important role, bringing a necessary element of unpredictability to the installation.

Jan Burian’s sound design combines everything into one harmonious whole. It follows the unknown language of levitating beings and the landscape as an entity and as such it oscillates between language and landscape. The installation Landscape of Levitation is a celebration of lightness.

Signal festival 2022