light designer


Concept and choreography Samir Calixto
Performed by Samir Calixto, Thibault Desaules, Ivan Montis, Quentin Roger, Gino Taytelbaum
Sound design Samir Calixto
Costume design Min Li
Set design Samir Calixto & Pavla Beranova
Light design Pavla Beranova
Production Korzo producties & NDT
Premiere 19/5/2016

For his new performance M Samir Calixto sought inspiration in the philosophical insights of Friedrich Nietzsche’s Also Sprach Zarathustra. Nietzsche set great store by the knowledge contained in the human body: “there is more wisdom in the body that in the deepest philosophy”. In M, Samir focuses on the power of transformation that the body possesses. Accompanied by a modern arrangement of music by Mahler, five male dances present their entire humanity on stage: their physical and mental effort and dedication, their extreme force and vulnerability, and their personal fortunes and paradoxes.