light designer

Don’t talk to me in my sleep

Direction and choreography Dunja Jocic
Performed by Luca Cacitti and Jonathan Ber
Music Hugo Morales
Text Barbara Markovic
Voiced by Michael Jahoda and Sabine Kupferberg
Light design Pavla Beranova
Stage design Dunja Jocic and Pavla Beranova
Costume design Slavna Martinovic
Management Dunja Jocic and Frits Selie (Stichting Prime)

Premiere 28/08/2015 - Vrijtag theatre - Noorderzon festival 2015

Two dancers, son and mother, live in contrasts: between dialogue and silence, distance and intimacy, darkness and light. In a cinematic collage of domestic scenes, Jocic seeks subtly for the psychological consequences of their unique cohabitation.