light designer


Concept and choreography Joeri Dubbe
Dance Carolina Mancuso and Sarah Murphy
Music Antonin Comestaz, Björk
Costume design Annemarije van Harten
Light design Pavla Beranová
Production Johanna Korgel - Korzo theater
Premiere 17 May 2017 Korzo theater

A human duel between nature and technology

Fascinated by the question of how far science can get to imitate human behaviour through artificial intelligence, choreographer Joeri Dubbe brings two entities together in one space. Who is more human: man or cyborg? With his favourite dancers Carolina Mancusco and Sarah Murphy, Joeri created a fascinating duet about the unstoppable advance of technology. Do you evolve with technology or do you return to nature? But if you choose the latter, does that mean that you stagnate in your development in an attempt to remain yourself? Kiraly promises to be an intriguing duel between nature and technological developments, between the evolution and devolution of man.