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Křehkosti, tvé jméno je žena

Stage director Daniel Špinar
Dramaturgy Marta Ljubková
Choreography Nataša Novotná
Costumes Linda Boráros
Music Matěj Kroupa
Light design Pavla Beranová

Premiere 11/05/2017 The New Stage of National theater in Prague

Frailty, Thy name is Woman

Woman as object, woman as subject, woman as woman. The production is the fruit of the collaboration between the National Theatre Drama company and the first-class Czech dance ensemble 420PEOPLE, who have been permanent guests of the New Stage. Out of the numerous options possible, we have taken the one exploring the “situation of women” over the course of time and in theatre. A superlative Czech actress amidst the universe of movement and, at the same time, the universe of men – this too is a manner of trying out at the New Stage genre crossovers and exposing our actors to new challenges.