light designer

The Panther

Direction & choreography Dunja Jocic
Performers Luka Karvelis, Kalin Morrow, Shay Partush
Dramaturgy & scenography Marinus Groothof
Composer Renger Koning
Text Barbi Markovic
Voice-over Ramsey Nasr & Sara Wiktorowicz
Costumes Maartje Prins
Lighting design Pavla Beranova, Sanne Rosbag

he Panther is a thrilling ‘danse-noire’ about the vulnerable individual in a technology-dominated society. The tale, told by Ramsey Nasr, is about a man who gets entangled in a mysterious ultra-modern apartment, that feels like a new body. While the house is developing a will of its own, he tries to escape this sensation of alienation. His loss of control makes him feel like a caged panther.


The Panther was awarded the ‘VSCD Swan ‘ for the most impressive dance production of 2020 & 2021’