light designer


Concept, choreography and dance Rita Góbi
Music Dávid Szegő
Costume design Judit Sinkovics
Lighting design Pavla Beranová
Production Ágnes Bakk

A dance solo by Rita Góbi

Rita Góbi’s new performance presents the intermediate state of « already not here » and « not there yet », by guiding us in the world of metamorphosis. For this production Dávid Szegő composed the music by using Morse code sounds and noise sounds, both acoustic and electronic – these are landmarks for the dance performance designed from minimalist tools which lead to a full theatrical presence.

Premiere: 29 May 2017 in Bethlen Sínház in Budapest



"The excellent lights of Pavla Beranová sometimes make the intimate space expand and sometimes close it around the lonely figure as a shell." Halász Tamás, Színhá